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Thursday, December 2, 2010

You might be a masochist when...

...your idea of a nice hot bath involves lava.'ve run out of band-aids, and you own a factory that makes them. spend five minutes talking to Slashee.
...the next time you visit the hospital you'll earn a free amputation.
...N+ is your favourite game ever. can call for an ambulance by picking up the phone and saying "Yeah, it's me." visit the USA for its culture.
...nobody asks you to turn the air conditioning off because their tounges are frozen to the roof of their mouthss. willingly spend time in Stranglethron Vale.
...the wall is covered in something bouncy so anything you throw in frustration comes back and hits you. try to convine other people to play hide and seek on a police target range. insult Chuck Norris' mother just so he'll come and kick you. take "Danger: High Voltage" signs as a challenge.

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