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Monday, October 19, 2009

Further Musings: Stargate Universe: Air (Parts 1-3)

Further musings is the place for stuff that either doesn't fit in the original article, I think of afterwards, or I just feel like doing separately. And generally lack any semblance of structure.

  • There's been no main villain introduced yet - and every TV show (especially sci-fi) needs a good villain (and obviously I don't mean the antonym of evil good).
  • Some of the characters (I'm looking at you Greer) do either nothing or very little to make you care about them.
  • It's too much like Firefly. Only Firefly works well at being Firefly. Now give us more Firefly.
  • It's way too cliché... O'Neill would have a field day.
  • The cool nerd guy (Eli) isn't on screen enough. He's no Rodney McKay, but it's possible to actually like him.
  • I'm not sure if it's right to call SGU a spinoff of SG1... there's nothing familiar from either SG1 or Atlantis - I'm not saying you NEED something you've seen before in a spinoff, but it helps. And I don't mean five minutes of screen time in the first couple of episodes.
  • Some parts of the premise just seem like an excuse to force the show along.
  • Rush just spreads the positive though correct stereotype of the extremely selfish scientist. That's McKay's job.

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