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Sunday, July 12, 2009

What the Gamertag?, Part 3

This is more of a question here: is that 95 a random number like I see in so many names, or did that many people actually want a name that stupid?

Elvis 56 zZz
I'm not sure what to think here, so I'll just say that you're right, he is "sleeping" now.

You have 2000 heels? All those legs must get in the way of each other.

Crime one: abusing capital letters. Crime two: random number at the end of the name. Crime three: not realising you're guilty of the first two crimes.

Not so much alarming as confusing.

Firstly, how does a naxo get bloated. Secondly, what's a naxo?

You know, I think the lord of darkness uses a somewhat more impressive title than mister. Like "lord of darkness".

i9 Blkfxx
Let me try to decode this. You're nine years old, black, and using a fax machine?

You stammer during 69? That must get painful for the other person.

You're right, that beak hurts. But you have one weakness... the sledgehammer.

How exactly does one stian, let alone do it reflexively?

Henrey Moochow
I didn't realise grass had a name. Mmm, grass.

And yet, not skillful enough to spell skillful.

Kronik Anarchy
Not as chronic as bad spelling is these days.

Stop being cheeky or you'll get a slap in the face.

Nacho velazquez
As a general rule, naming yourself after food just seems stupid. There are, of course, exceptions.

one lo ping
That's to be expected, not bragged about.

There are eleven thousand daz's? I think I would have met at least another one if there were.

Except when he isn't.


dom is 4REAL
Here's a hint: how awesome you say you are and how awesome you actually are are inversely proportional to each other.

Olli the Pro
See above.

Next up on rejected Star Wars droids: LJ490!

Slight modification of the rule above: in most cases, the more you feel the need to say something, the less likely it is to actually be.

The only things you beat are spelling and grammar. Also see above.

Revealing how weak you are in your gamertag isn't a good idea. Instead, try to reveal how pathetic you are by swearing constantly in voice chat.

Water can play GTA4? Very impressive.

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